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Heatwaves and floods!

Day 2-3

storm 33 °C

Having no Internet is painful. I know travelling is meant to be about cutting yourself from those types of material needs but being on my own it's nice to share pics, tweets, status updates etc. Even now I have to find a Starbucks (which isn't hard admittedly) in order to just found out where I am and where I'm going. I didn't bring a guide book and my hotel seems to be having trouble getting Internet access to my room. I probably wouldnt have paid for it anyway. How can hotels justify charging 20 dollars a day for access when you can get it free in most hostels around the world. It's disgusting! Anyway I set off on day 2 in NYC to find a data sim for my iPad which would allow me 3G or even 4g access anywhere I go. I don't want to speak much about the experience suffice to say that I wasted 105 dollars which I am unlikely to see again simply because the very nice woman at at&t thought it would be a good idea to give me a fake social security number. I think for now I will just take the free wifi at Starbucks...

On my search for the sim card I walked through all of manhattans main shopping districts ostensibly looking for a day bag to carry my iPad around. I've seen them all before but Macy's , Bloomingdales are still impressive nonetheless. Even went into foot locker which is like a department store in its own right. I always hear that America has got customer service sorted but the woman I spoke to their was chewing gum in my face and offered no help whatsoever. It must be going downhill...

Finally found what I wanted near Madison square gardens at one of those little leather knockoff shops like the ones you find on tottenham ct rd. the guy didn't understand me when I said my max spend was thirty and kept repeating thirdy at me like I was a moron. Finally I held up my hands and flashed them three times. He then found me a bag which was clearly marked 50...I was about to leave and then he just said I'll take thirdy for it. I was chuffed with my bold negotiation skills but the zip has already gone funny...
I'm pretty sure I saw Chris brown in the area as well but since no one else seemed to notice him and he had no minders or anything I guess I was wrong.

Random: there's a woman outside who's doing pressups with her chihuahua , the baby sitting next to her is gurgling like a fool.

Day 3 I decided to be cultural and went to broadway to see James corden in 1 man 2 guvnors. Considering this play has had rave reviews and awards galore I was pleasantly surprised that I could just walk up to the box office at 1.45 for a 2pm performance and get a cheap ticket. Admittedly it looked like all the old fogeys had been coached in for the afternoon. I was the only black man in the theatre younger than 40 by the look of it although not the only bald person from the look of it (and I use person consciously). The play was fantastic, I have a new found respect for mr corden especially after the way he flaunts himself about on tv at home. He was very funny, interacting with the audience, great physical comedy and he looked like he was having a good time which I think is an amazing quality to get from a theatre actor. To be honest, I was surprised that the play has done so well with American audiences - there are so many British idioms that I think a lot of the script must pass over their head. The elderly pair I was sitting next to certainly didn't laugh that much although everytime the old,deaf waiter came on they cackled "oh no!" still it must have got tiring for them as one of them kept asking her friend what everyone was laughing at during the last 30 minutes.

I left the theatre and the heavens had opened. Seriously it was like monsoon rain, we have nothing on it at home. I was dressed in tshirt and shorts and refused to leave the theatre until it stopped. You know like at home that type of rain passes after 15 minutes or so-well this didn't let up for an hour. I was trapped with the old biddies in this theatre, hungry and tired listening to all these American women saying obvious crap like " well we'll get wet in that" , "it's a real downpour" etc etc saying that, they started leaving before I did- I was determined to wait until it passed and finish what I started. When I got back to the hotel, I found out that there had been flash flood warnings across the state. Hmph! The Americans take weather far too seriously, the dedicated weather channel that runs 24 hours kept covering it in increasing alarmism although even they did have to admit that manhattan had returned to its muggy state of humidity and dryness by 8pm. That's another thing-American news channels are crazy. I saw mad money yesterday - check it out if you can.

Now on to dc!

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