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I haven't written an entry on here for a while, partly because of spotty Internet access and partly because I've been too tired to keep it up. It's not that I don't want to but hostel life means something is always happening which kind of distracts from the writing things up part of the holiday. Nonetheless i have safely arrived in Atlanta and thought I should better document the rest of my dc trip before I forget. Last thing I wrote, I had met some nice Washingtonians (dc'ers) at a bar and proceeded to drink fairly heavily with them. Not as heavily as the Irish guy who worked at the hostel but I kept up and took my share which is unusual for me.
Next day, even though my head begged me not to I decided to go see the monuments of dc. I woke up to find my roommate packing. First thing he said was "you snore very heavily". I apologised but I wondered if it was a coincidence that he left the hostel later that morning. After studying the map closely, I deduced that it should take me an hour to walk from my hostel to the Lincoln memorial. This of course was clearly a mistake but everything looks so close on the maps they give out. I need to teach them a thing about making those maps to scale. I did get a good lesson on American politics and spent a few pleasant hours looking at the Capitol building and the attached visitor centre (on the face of it American politics is much fairer than ours, how did it get so screwed up?) , the Washington monument, the Lincoln memorial, the ww2 memorial, the milk memorial, the supreme court , the smithsonite institute (from the outside only) and finally the white house. Probably the most exciting thing I've seen on my trip so far-it brings to mind so many movies that it's a bit like being on a film set. Met an interesting grandmother on the way to the Lincoln memorial (1.why do the elderly always want to talk to me? 2. I was actually looking for the white house at the time and didn't realise if I turned my head to the right I would have spotted it quite easily), she was showing her grand kids from Florida the sights. She didn't seem to be having much success with them. Both girls, they were attached to their phones the whole time and gave their dear old grandmother evil looks when she mentioned anything about them to me. After a while of walking (and me privately thinking where the hell am I, this doesn't look like the white house), the younger girl asked if I was from England. I answered yes and she started gabbling about Harry potter. To be honest, it made a change from the granny going on about the royal family. Although she seemed to have no time for Charles, believing he was so upset about not having the throne, he was willing to kill his own mother. "he's just no good" she muttered, "mmm" I said.
We got to the lincoln memorial and I lost them in the hustle of the crowd as they ran to take pictures. This was no bad thing, but I sat on the steps thinking about that episode of the Simpsons where Lisa goes to the memorial to ask for help with her essay on America. I tried to see if people were asking Lincoln for things but mainly there were lots of people taking pictures. After a while, I went to get a hot dog, passing by the reflecting pool (under refurbishment) and then continued my wander down the mall alone.
When I got back to the hostel, I ate Chinese from down the road and then sat on the sofa watching movies. The owner of the hostel later asked if I had enjoyed movie night which I thought was a bit cheeky of him. The channel was on fx and no one could be arsed to change it-hardly an organised night of fun.
Next day I got up late to find there were 2 women sharing the bed beneath mine. Apparently they were a Korean mother and daughter and there had been a mix up over their reservation so although there were spare beds elsewhere in the hostel, they had to share a room due to customs when travelling. The daughter was profuse in her apologies (the mother looked at me like it was my fault) but I didn't really care beyond the fact that it was now going to be 2 people unneccesarily disturbed by my snoring.
Went to DuPont circle which from what I heard, was meant to be some sort of rich shopping neighbourhood just outside dc. When I got there, I didn't see anything particularly impressive about the area so I went to a coffee shop and ready my book for a while. After getting back, it was party night at the hostel so quite a big group of us went to this bar which the people at the hostel knew about. Called my brothers place, it charged 15 dollars for unlimited drinks. Which turned out to be bud light and vodka with a mixer. I quickly chose vodka as americans pour it liberally to say the least. Had a lot of fun with people from the hostel, but the bar was a bit of a dive. Looked like college ppl mainly although there was some impressive dancing going on. They kept playing the same songs over and over again, I mean "round of applause" has lost all (little) meaning it had. I was assured my accent would get the girls but aside from the elderly barmaid, no-one was interested really. Went home and found it funny watching the French guy still trying it on with the German girl. Was told the next day that they had had sex on the sofa, obviously not knowing that there was a camera right on that area. Ah-hostel life!
Next day was the journey to atlanta, which to be honest deserves its own entry. So thats what I'm gonna do!

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